Isaac Turner - An Artist

Isaac Turner is a man of many talents. He is a musician, song writer, photographer, videographer, and both a music and video producer. 

Being a musician from his teenage years, playing acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keys, loop stations, several percussion instruments—sometimes all at once—he currently performs as a Solo/Acoustic performer using foot percussion instruments mixed with electronic elements to bring a full sound to any size stage. Combining influence form Punk Rock, Folk, Hip-Hop, & Electronic Music while utilizing several product endorsements from Breedlove Guitars, Elixir Strings, & Farmer Foot drums, Isaacs’ style is extremely unique. Isaac has been playing and recording professionally since 2013 having two full length albums and one EP is available everywhere for streaming or purchase. In 2015 Isaac received placement on Pandora radio as well as heavy radio rotation on Portland's 101.9 Kink FM with his song "Meant to Be" off of his IT LP release.

From 2017’s “Song a Week Series” where Isaac wrote, performed, and produced a song complete with a music video for all 52 weeks of 2017, he developed his own photography and video endeavors. Aside from creating his own videos, Isaac has worked with many bands creating and producing music videos some of which have made it to rotation on CMT.

Currently, Isaac continues to grow and improve on his artistic talents by live music and DJ performances, photography and videography creations, and working on his new album.