Isaac Turner - An Artist

Isaac started his musical career at 15 years old playing in a Punk Rock band "Society's Victim. 

In 2013 he started his professional career solo/acoustic with the debut of the IT EP. 

In 2014 with the release of  the IT LP full length Isaac landed endorsement deals with Breedlove Guitars and Elixir Strings. 

He started playing bigger shows such as festivals and theater events. 

Isaac decided to take a break from music after touring both records for the previous 4 years. 

In 2017 instead of going back to a traditional music career Isaac decided to do a Song A Week Series. He wrote, recorded, produced, and put together a music video for a brand new song every single week for a year. 

Burned out again Isaac stepped back from music focusing on his new found Video skills he learned during the “Song A Week Series” and started taking on video clients having music videos he produced for other people go as far as regular rotation on CMT. 

In 2020 comes the return of Isaac to music with a brand new EP. Skooliana Sessions EP released 06-29-20 was completely recorded in a converted School Bus. @skooliana