Isaac Turner

Isaac Turner - Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Guitarist

In the past few years, I have been playing lots of shows, gaining fans and selling a few CD’s here and there. Things were good but I wanted to get my music out to a larger audience than the local scene I have had my success in. The plan for 2017 was to release my new album, “Give You Love”, and do a west coast tour at minimum.   

However, while I was out playing shows, I was watching how other singers and band were getting their music out. Many of the acts were gaining a serious online presence through videos on You Tube and social media before they ever played a live show.  That way when they did play, it was too much larger crowds getting their music out.

I looked at the numbers when I put out a video to my online outlets and it potentially reaches thousands of people and I almost triple making fans and finding people that dig my music.
That’s when I decided to take a new approach. I would work on creating (writing, producing, and recording) a song every week and call it my Song A Week 2017 Series.
The idea of writing, recording, producing, and releasing music online every week keeps me constantly new and exciting every single week. It gives me a chance to collaborate with other musicians and see where it may go. It gives me a chance to try new and different genres of music.

Through this, I give myself the opportunity to hone songwriting and production skills. I currently write, produce, record, mix and master all my own music. Now, I also script, produce, and edit most all of my videos.   

The end result will be lots of music released!  Now once the music is released, the top liked tracks every quarter as determined by online feedback and interest will be arranged onto an EP with distribution to like iTunes, Spotify, and all other digital release avenues. 
So, with my release of 52 songs this year I’m hoping that I can hone my craft, create momentum in my career, and write music people will come out and see live!