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Isaac Turner - Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Guitarist

Although writing and performing music in bands since he was 15, Isaac Turner made performing music his profession in 2013 with the release of his  solo album, “IT EP”.  With songs like “From The Outside In”, “Dreams”,  and “How You Are”, Isaac took his solo singer song-writer style out to the public performing shows in diverse locations that ranged from regional nightclubs and wineries to multiple festivals and music events.  

During this period of live performances, Isaac’s musical style was evolving and the groundwork  for the follow-up album “ IT LP” was being developed.  With the addition of digital Loop Stations and “Sam”, the home-made Samsonite suitcase drum, the sound evolved and Isaac became compared to being a “one man band.” For larger stages, Isaac also performed with various band arrangements that ranged from 1 to 5 other musicians playing numerous live shows with the release of “IT-LP”. With his popularity continuing to grow from the busy show schedule, the availability of his music on iTunes, local and international radio airplay,  a channel on Pandora, sponsorships with Breedlove Guitars, Elixir Strings, and Dreamland Guitars,  Isaac was already working of the new album, 2017’s “Give You Love”.

With the release of “Give You Love”, Isaac took a step back from performing in 2017, focusing on studio time and music production. He  came up with the idea of “Song A Week”. For all 52 weeks of 2017, Isaac, wrote, produced, performed, and recorded an original song. In addition to the music production, Isaac wrote and produced an accompanying video of the song of the week. These music videos ranged from basic musical performances to elaborate theatrical productions. All of this-both the song and the video- was started and completed within 7 days.  By doing this, Isaac has enriched and diversified his sound as well as develop the ability to produce accompanying music videos for new material as it is released.   

Never relaxing and always trying to take things to the next level, 2018 has Isaac working on a new show. This new live set will showcase the top songs from “Song aWeek”, rearrangements of new cover songs, some older favorites, and the debut of “Sam 2.0.”

 Stay tuned………..