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Isaac Turner - Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Guitarist

In 2013 Isaac Turner started playing music professionally and recorded and released the IT EP and decided to pursue music full time as a solo artist. With sponsorships from  Breedlove Guitars, Elixir Strings, and Dreamland Guitars. The sound eventually evolved live with the addition of a Loop station and Suitcase drum leading to his next album in 2015 the IT LP. IT LP  received airplay on 101.9 Kink and Pandora. Isaac continued playing shows and festivals for numerous years leading up to 2017. In January of 2017 he released  his third album Give You Love. Isaac decided to shift his focus on studio time and music production. He decided to start the Song A Week series, during the entire duration of 2017;  every week Isaac wrote, recorded and produced a music video. The  growth was substantial and a sound was refined and made fuller.