Isaac Turner

Shaker And Vine Saturday 4-16-14


Playing a place I have never even walked into this Saturday. Which is usually really cool because the whole night turns into a grand adventure! Just picked up a super talented opener Whim Grace who will start at 8 PM. CLICK HERE to check out her stuff. I will start at 9 PM

Post Insomnia Show Again!


Wow! So I know Ive mentioned this before but one of the beautiful things about doing this is never knowing what is going to happen. All the people that decided to surprise me and showed up thanks so much. One particular individual came in with a hoodie and sunglasses trying to hide out. She made it about two seconds before I spotted her :) Good times…. Two people from last time I played there came back and I didn't recognize them at first than BAM recognition settled in.. Met some new friends as well and one of them danced and than sang with me on the closer, it was beautiful. Such a fun night, thanks to everyone who was a part of this moment and I am always so grateful. Looking forward to coming back out to Hillsboro again. Good night and sleep tight! - IT (12:01 am)

Insomnia - Hillsboro, 4-12-14


So we are going back to Insomnia in Hillsboro this weekend. Looking forward to seeing some of the friends I made last time out here again. Such a cool lil spot. - IT (8:28 am)

Post Interzone 4-5-14


So just got done playing at Interzone in Corvallis.. My buddy Jordan showed up and we are dressed way to similar, everyone thought he was in my band it was hilarious. The place was really artsy and had a lot of cool hand painted murals. Thanks to the people who came out to see me I appreciate it so much. Now Louda and Emily who showed up and came up and danced with me THANK YOU it was so much fun. Talking to them after the show they told me they seen my poster up, checked out my stuff online, and decided to come out. Way cool and it was great to meet them. The journey continues… - IT (10:53PM)

Bend Breedlove Visit!


So my beautiful Bree (My Guitar) who I have been in a serious relationship for going on 6 months got sick very recently. Contacted Breedlove and they had me come down and fixed her right up. We are both very happy again :) Now while we were down there got a tour of the whole place and all the people were so nice. I appreciated every minute of it. So if you are thinking about getting an acoustic guitar I strongly suggest my friends over at Breedlove. They are a local Oregon company located in Bend and they are some of the coolest people I have met. I had a great day and I want to Thank everyone involved. THANK YOU - IT (8:14PM)

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